Your horse : actor of his own welfare with the Masterson Method®



What is the Masterson Method® ? How does it work ? What are the benefits ? Why would my horse have tensions ?


The Masterson Method® is an equine bodywork manual technique developed by the American, Jim Masterson. It is well known in North America and also in European countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and England.

Jim Masterson, inventor of the Masterson Method®

The goal of the Masterson Method® is to improve welfare, behavior and performance of the healthy horse. It’s a holistic approach in which you whole horse is looked after. It helps release accumulated tensions, sometimes long-lasting.

A Masterson Method® session is only done with a healthy horse and doesn’t replace for a veterinary diagnostic or an osteopathic treatment. If there’s any doubt, a vet must be consulted first.

How does the Masterson Method® work ?

The Masterson Method® is a method based on observation, patience, softness and is adapted to every horse. Its goal is to help your horse release his own tensions by using his proprioception (perception of his own body within space) and by stimulating his parasympathetic nervous system, responsible for the calm, rest and restore state of the organism.

Stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system, responsible for the calm, rest and restore state by using gentle techniques.

The Masterson Method® has a unique interactive way of working. It relies on:

  • The close observation and understanding of your horse’s body language in response to the proposed techniques. Your horse becomes actor of his own session. It’s a work WITH him, not ON him.
  • The use of a touch level as soft as possible, only to act as a way of stimulating the nervous system (it’s not a massage).
  • Postures and gentle movements in a relaxed state, proposed to the horse during his session. They’re never forced.
  • Techniques always performed below the horse’s resistance level, to keep him calm and in a relaxed mode, that also helps reinforceing the trust bond with his practitioner.

Our horse’s tensions : CAUSES & SIGNS

All horses can feel and store tensions, at any age, for any breed and whatever the discipline (even at a low level !)

Here are some possible causes :

  • Comformation (genetics),
  • Natural asymmetry,
  • Past trauma/ injury,
  • Podiatry/ dental issues,
  • Badly fitted equipment (saddle, bridle, bit etc.),
  • Work (intensity, frequency, discipline),
  • Way of living,
  • Rider,
  • Etc.

Some signs of accumulated tensions :

  • Spooky, Anxious,
  • Difficult to relax, to release,
  • Struggles in specific exercices,
  • Loss of performance,
  • Doesn’t socialize much.


  • Improve both mental and physical welfare,
  • Improve your horse’s behavior,
  • Improve posture, movement, performance,
  • Build a new communication form,
  • Develop and reinforce the trust and understanding bond.

You can find more information about the Method in this online presentation :

Riders or Professionals, discover the Masterson Method® through an introduction course ! Find out more information here :

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