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Clarisse Prieur

Your horse : his needs, our goals.

I’m Clarisse Prieur, your Masterson Method® Certified Practitioner (the 10th certified in France !).

My every day goal is to listen to both your needs and your horse’s so that you’re provided with an individualised service.

Coming from a scientific background, I value continuous training and a teamwork approach with all equine professionals. This allows adapted, long-lasting and holistic changes.

The Method

The Masterson Method®:
a manual technique
to improve equine
welfare and

The Masterson Method® relies on the observation of the horse’s body language to find and release tensions. Those can have different origins and sometimes be well installed. By accumulating, they alter movement, posture, performance and even the horse’s behavior.

The techniques used in Masterson Method® combine light touch and gentle movements in a relaxed state, adapted in real time to the horse’s feedback. The horse expresses his tension releases during his session by showing subtle and not-so-subtle signs. The results of the releases are both observed and felt in the day-to-day yard life and during work afterhand.

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My mare, who usually is very agitated and not very receptive to osteopathic treatments, has completely relaxed. She expressed herself and reacted like I had never seen her in almost 10 years: yawns, spontaneous twists/stretching of her hindquarters after the light touch techniques used by Clarisse on key areas. I felt a real improvement during riding and a suppleness and motor skills that improved significantly and that I had never seen before.

Rachel Vigot

Show Jumper, Owner of Prouesse du Rampan

Her work has improved my horse’s locomotion, suppleness and relaxation. Such a delight for both my hors and I!
My horse Bologne has become calmer, more focused and greets Clarisse with neighs and yawns when she arrives at the yard. I didn’t know the Masterson Method® before meeting Clarisse but I am more than convinced about the positive effects of her work. I hope that Clarisse will keep on following my horses to improve their well-being, comfort and performance on a daily basis.
I recommend her 200%!

Ada Kubik

Eventer, Owner of Bologne du Loir

Clarisse is a great professional, She has a true passion for horses and always does her best for their well-being. She is gentle, calm and the sessions truly are a relaxation moment for our horses. You can have complete confidence in her!

Sébastien Delatre

Yard owner of “ La pension de la Perle Noire ” (76)


Professionals or horse owners, I’m looking forward to answering your questions about the Masterson Method®. Please use the contact form below to discuss your needs in order to define how to help you best.

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