Interactive Introduction Courses, for everyone !



Owners, riders or professionals, learn how to help your horse to release his tensions by exploring simple Masterson Method® techniques. Build and reinforce the bond between you and your horse and discover a new communication way.

For whom? With whom?

The Masterson Method® Interactive Introduction Courses are for everyone !

  • Owners,
  • Riders,
  • Equine professionals,
  • Etc.

You don’t have to be an Equideep client to attend the Interactive Introduction Courses.

All equids can benefit from those courses (donkeys, horses of all sizes etc).

The Interactive Introduction Courses are organized by Clarisse Prieur, your Masterson Method Certified Practitioner (MMCP).

Clarisse Prieur, your Equideep Practitioner. Masterson Method Certified Practitioner (MMCP)
Certified Practitioner Diploma in the Masterson® Method, obtained in March 2021.

Why attending the Interactive Introduction Courses ?

  • Are you always looking for new ways of improving your horse’s welfare ?
  • You want to improve your ridden work, your performances whist maintaining and improving your horse’s mental and physical comfort ?

The Interactive Introduction Courses are made for you!

Introduction courses are non certifying. The aim is solely to teach simple techniques to improve your horse’s welfare and performance. The techniques are designed and suitable for a personal use. To attend official Masterson Method® courses, please check the website

Release tensions in our horses: improve well-being and performance. Thanks to Sylwia for this wonderful photo.

More information about the Masterson Method® and its benefits here :

What to learn during the Interactive Introduction Courses ?

Equideep offers two Interactive Introduction Courses:

  • Level 1 : Relaxation and Connexion,
  • Level 2 : Welfare and Performance.

The Level 1 attendance is a prerequisite to attend the Level 2.

The objectives of the Level 1 Interactive Introduction course “Relaxation and Connexion” are the following:

  • Discover the Masterson Method®,
  • Explore the touch levels used in Masterson Method®,
  • Recognize your horse’s responses to your touch, following his body language,
  • Find out tension zones and help your horse to release them,
  • Recognize the releases signs,
  • Discover a new way to communicate with your horse,
  • Build a the trusting and understanding bond with your horse.

The objectives of the Level 2 Interactive Introduction Course “Welfare and Performance” are the following:

  • Discover new Masterson Method® techniques,
  • Review Level 1 techniques,
  • Learn the key anatomical junctions,
  • Learn how to stay below the Fight/ Flight/ Freeze level of the horse : use the non resistance principle,
  • Integrate movement techniques to the touch techniques to help the horse release his tensions,
  • Optimize Welfare and Performance.

Explore your horses’ signs of relaxation. Thanks to Pixup and PMorgane photography for these wonderful photos taken during Interactive Introduction courses in Normandy.

Where do the Interactive Introduction Courses take place ?

Interactive Introduction Courses are organised directly at your yard ! If you want to organise one, just ask !

You can find already planned events directly onto the Equideep Facebook page, in the Events section :

What’s the general agenda ?

Those ½ days are following the general agenda :

  • Theory is taught in a classroom area,
  • You get to work directly with your horse, alone or paired with somebody for the practical part,
Practical part : explore the method with your horses

  • A course kit is provided, including the PDF of the theory.
Course kit given to each participant
  • A welcoming tea/ coffee break is included !
Sharing and conviviality on the introduction program!

How long do the courses last ? For how many people ? How much are they ?

Interactive Introduction Courses last 3h30 and articulate around the following moments :

  • Welcoming tea/ coffee break,
  • Between 1h and 1h15 of theory and Q&A,
  • Between 1h30 and 1h40 of practical time directly with your horses,
  • A wrap-up and Q&A moment to end the course.

The number of attendants is kept small to preserve a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

  • Level 1 « Relaxation and Connexion » : from 3 up to 6 attendants (min/ max) – from 70€/ attendant*.
  • Level 2 « Welfare and Performance » : from 4 up to 8 attendants (min/ max) – from 90€/ attendant*.

*Travel fees policy applies ! A quote can be provided on request.

Attendance is offered to the person hosting the course.

Interested ? Contact me to organise an Interactive Introduction Course directly at your yard !

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